Blogs to See out 2020

As my final week of work draws to a close I thought I’d bring together a short list of blogs and blog posts to read before the new year.

Go check these out

Chris and Bruce did a co-retro for 2020. Read them here:
Chris: “All my life I’ve been good but, now what the hell…”
Bruce: “Personal Development 2020 Retro”

As you will see from each post, they challenged each other to write these posts. They were released simultaneously on 21/12/2020.
I really like the accountability idea of writing posts.
Content-wise, both posts are packed full of personal retrospective items, many of which I relate to. After reading each post, I am tempted to try a 2020 retrospective myself. I fear I may not be able to make time now until 2021. But if I do it, dear reader, I will publish is on this blog.

This is a live post. I will update when I remember anything worth reading.

Hello, world!

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Welcome to the new blog space


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