Hello, world!


Welcome to my new blog space! I’m currently working on combining some of my blogs into a sort-of “master blog” where I can reference the various sections from social media, etc.

I’m still trying to familiarise myself with all syntax of markdown, and also figure out what I want the blog-of-blogs to look like. So please be patient while that happens.

What to expect on here?

At the time of writing, I’m not 100% sure. I know I want to migrate my primary blog, Mouse’s Musings, to here. Or maybe just start again with the blog and reference the old one as an archive. I also post semi-frequently on social media under the hashtag #LeadershipThoughts. I thought I could have a section which I would mirror the posts onto and put a short explanation on why I felt that though to be relevant. Finally, I have The LifeLong Pubrun blog which I want to get back to blogging on. So I think I’ll have a section for posts on that which I will direct readers to.

Anyway, watch this space. I haven’t implemented comments yet, so if you read this and want to wish me luck, best to do it by shouting out to me on Twitter @SheyMouse.

Hello, world!

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Welcome to the new blog space


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Tinkering, and a bit more