I built this site nearly four months ago now, and haven’t really done anything with it. I tinkered a bit but that was it.
Recently I had an idea of having a portfolio that I could refer to in my CV, LinkedIn, and social media. I have built the page. Or at least got the MVP built. It’s a 0.1 version, but does contain most if not all of the information I intend to convey on the page. At least, convey to date. So, go and visit the portfolio page to learn more.
I’ve not got round to adding the 100 Games repos to a page, or start expanding my tweets on the Leadership Thoughts page. I’m sure that will come at one stage.
I really like the idea of updating a blog regularly. I think this will form one of my main goals for 2021. That and become familiar with Cybersecurity. But more on that topic another time.
I welcome feedback, dear visitor. So if there is anything you would like to see added or removed here, please let me know via the social media links.

Hello, world!

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Welcome to the new blog space


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Tinkering, and a bit more